This kind of analysis belong to Holistic medicine and is not checked and acknowledged by natural-science and traditional medicine.

 A  doctor who knows the invisible which has no name, no substance but  which has an effect
                                                                                                                                            Paracelsus (1500 B.C.)


Everything is the vibration of energy fields“.

This is the  key to this method of this analysis and diagnosis. 

Bioresonance is a laboratory-analysis of energy fields, which is based on measuring the body’s physiological moving energy fields. Material is built by thick or concentrated oscillation and every material has its own specific field of oscillation or field of frequency.

In a healthy organism every organ has a special frequency. If there is a deviation of this healthy frequency we know that the organ emitting this frequency is not well.

Many of the fields of frequency are known today and there is continuing research being done to to discover the unknown fields. 
For doing the analysis diagnosis we need some blood or hair of the patient, bioresonance-instruments or -antennas and also test-ampoules of every organ from which we want to get informations. These test-ampoules contain organic  „frequency in illness“ or: there are test-ampoules which contain sick frequencies of liver, heart, stomach, intestines, kidneys in different power

It is also possible to find the correct holistic medication by using and comparing medicine-testampoules-frequencies with frequency of the blood or hair. The agreement between both energy fields we call „going in resonance“. 

Sometimes a bodie‘s own blockade does not make it possible to treat the main-problem at once, so we have to use special medicines to open „one door after the other“ until we can start to treat the reason for an illness. To treat the reason or basic cause is the main quest of holistic medicine. 


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