This kind of therapy belong to Holistic medicine and is not checked and acknowledged by natural-science and traditional medicine.

Originally we  worked with „fresh cell therapy“ but found that too risky especially for pets as there can be allergic reactions to Foreign protein accompanied with infections and fever.
Cytoplasm therapy is called a  „pleasing alternative“ for regenerating organ systems.

This therapy is able to stop degeneration in a condition which the degeneration has not advanced beyond the ability to regenerate. Meanwhile not only old pets become degenerative but also young ones due to inherited predisposition! The younger animals are afflicted with problems in their locomotorsystem. These deteriorations include arthrosis, spondylosis and can be effectively treated best by Cytoplasm Therapy. 

We are quite effective in treating tumors and cancers before they are detected. It is often possible to stop a bad prognosis by stimulating the immun-system and demarcate the degenerated cells or tumor from the healthy tissue. Often surgeons reported confirming that an operation was less envasive  because the tumor had good demarcation by the Cytoplasm Therapy which preceeded the operation. 

Cytoplasm therapy also works well with an old pet whose quality of life is deteriorating. The Cytoplasm therapy which is either drops or injections can renew the animals interest in life.

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