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Zur Homepage in englischer Sprache

Zur Homepage in englischer Sprache


I am pleased that you are interested in having a look at my homepage. This means there are pets staying with you and you want them to keep feeling good and healthy, get healthy again or only keep their quality of life by using  „natural health care“

In this homepage you will find all necessary information about the profession of “Holistic-Health-Care-Provider for animals” ( in German = THP) and also some information about Natural-Therapies which are used in a practice of a THP as there are Homoeopathic, Acupuncture, Bach-flower-remedies, Nosode-therapy and Cytoplasm-Therapy.

Also you will find some information about one of the most important holistic ways of diagnosis  called “Bioresonance-Analysis” and you can read about genetic diseases by hereditary toxins.

I whish you will have fun and you will find answers for your questions about this subject.

Attention in § 3 HWG:

All these methodes of therapy and diagnosis belong to Holistic medicine and are not checked and
acknowledged by natural-science and traditional medicine.