Petra Stein (*1956)


  • From 1974 - 1984 I worked as a doctor’s assistant in human-medicine. There I learned a lot about therapies and diagnosises which help me now also to recognize the borders of natural-health-care
  • 1985 studies in one of the first schools in Germany for Holistic-health-care-provider for animals in Gelsenkirchen
  • Since 1987 leader of an own practice for dogs and cats
  • Since 1990 practitioner of a hair-analysis named „Bioresonance-analysis“ for diagnosis. This kind of analysis is used for prophylactic care or to diagnosis organic diseases and also to find the correct  natural medicine like Homoeopathy or Bach-Flowers
  • Teacher in several schools for dogowners about this subject
  • Leader of workshops in my own practice


In my practice I use several of the many available holistic therapies.

My favorites to use are:

My center of gravity is the bioresonance-analysis since 1994 (no bioresonance-therapy !).

Since 2007 I practise this analysis also as laboratory for Holistic Care Providers.

In the separate sections of this homepage you will be able to learn about bioresonance-analysis, and causes of pet disease as there are genetic diseases. You will be able to learn about hereditary toxins.  Also I want you to know a little about the profession.


My request :

At the moment I recognize that most people make use of nature-medicine in a very respectless way. Especially in using  Homoeopathic medicine! Please don't think  "I can get these medicines without any prescription in every drugstore - they must be used just simply." If you are using these medicines without any knowledge about it you can injure the body of the patient badly.  Please ask for help for correct application. There must be a reason why we study all these kinds of therapy!

You can also contact me during my consulting hours in my office. I am not able to give distant-diagnosis or therapies as this would also not agree with the thought of Samuel Hahnemann – the founder of homoeopathy. It’s not possible to diagnose or treat without visiting personally with your pet. Since our treatment often seems contrary to instinct as we don’t immediately stop the symptoms we need to be present for the treatment.

Hoping my homepage will give you some good sights into the way to use natural (holistic) medicines I’m wishing you all the best and a harmonically and healthy „stay-together“ with your pets.


        Petra Stein