This kind of therapy belong to Holistic medicine and is not checked and acknowledged by natural-science and traditional medicine.

„Acupuncture is healing whatever is „disturbed“ –
Acupuncture does not heal what is „destroyed“ 

It is impossible to explain the essence of this great kind of natural treatment in only a few sentences. Acupuncture is one of the oldest kinds of holistic treatments and is a high art of healing which is centuries old in Chinese philosophy. It is necessary to integrate this Chinese life-philosophy into ones own mind if one wants to use it. To simply this philosophy I call it  „Yin and Yang“. Both together build contrast-poles of energy-streams which amount together „life in all ways“ (in Chinese: TSRI). 

Yin is building feminine, the moon, materia, earth, depth, internal, coldness, night, calm and empty energy.
Yang is building exactly the opposite: masculine, the sun, energy, sky, warmth, day, moving, surface, exterior and full energy.

The old Chinese philosophy means that an organism only is healthy when both contrasting energies flow through the body in a harmonious and regular way. Harmony produces positivness and health, disharmony produces negativity and illness.

As in all life so also Yin and Yang moves in a continual circulation: Water (Yin) evaporates and rises up (Yang) and becomes water (Yin) again. As in this simple example everything in life is in harmony.

Yin and Yang flow in ways, which are suitable for them, called „meridians“ (as an example: blood is flowing in veins and arteries which are planed for them). At all these meridians we can find the most today known acupuncture-points. Whenever there is an interruption in this flow the  organism is not in a natural healthy condition and we try to break the interruption and bring back the whole flow again without any blockade. Therefore we use special needles – or an infrared-laser – which stimulates at the place where the flow is interrupted. 

Some of those points are sending a distant-stimulation for an organ which belongs to this special point. The meridians have names like „meridian of stomach“ „meridian of lungs“ „meridian of colon“ but there are also points on these meridians which belongs to a foreign organic area: i.e.: there are points belonging to the eyes, head, back and legs which are placed at the meridian of bladder! So it is necessary to study for a long time when one wants to know where all these points are placed.... 

By using an infrared-laser this treatment is without any pain for pets.