This kind of therapy belong to Holistic medicine and is not checked and acknowledged by natural-science and traditional medicine.

Currently nosode-therapy is of primary importance in treating animals.

Harmful substances are in present in the air and ground. Cats and dogs come in contact with bacteria, viruses, fungi, natural poisons and chemical toxins. In the spring and autumn the concentration of toxins are particularly high so animals experience more symptoms such as itching and eczema during those times.

After an infection the infecting agent may life dormant in the animal and can be treated with nosodes.

Nosode-therapy uses the body’s own components such as blood, urine, hair or other secretions to effect healing by using „treat like with like“.  To treat a cat or dog their own hair is utilized to produce medication, which contains all of disease, or toxins, with are present in the animal.

Nosodes are often used to change a chronic condition into an acute stage, which can be treated, by a variety of specific formulations. Today it is also possible to use foreign Nosodes, which are prepared from substrates of other animals or from the toxin itself, a specialized medical laboratory must prepare these toxins. They are potentiated homoeopathically and so the reaction of the body is not as strong as if nosodes from the patient were used.

We use Nosode-Therapy when we want to decontaminate the body and relieve the whole metabolism. The liver and kidneys are the most important organs oft the body for decontamination and nosodes are particularly effective in helping them continue their work.

Although we cannot use nosodes in treating genetic disease .


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