(in German: „TierHeilPraktiker“= THP)

How long has this profession existed?
Special training schools have existed since the late 1970s. 


What is the job and duty of a THP ?
The THP works to help animals to keep their health in natural way or relieve and heal organic and psychological diseases or disharmonies. Human and animal health care practitioners work towards the same goal of diagnosing and treating the patient.

THP‘s use natural treatments which forces the bodies own defenses and enhances the body‘s effort to heal itself. It is necessary to know everything about the treatments but also about extent and efficacy of these treatments! Natural treatments (as with any treatment)  do have their limits and are not claimed to be „all-healing-methods“ !


Are there any restrictions in this profession?
THP’s are not licensed to vaccinate, to treat animal-epidemics, to use presctription medications, to narcotize or operate.  One whould be wary of any person who calls himself or herself a THP, but does not adhere to the practice guidelines.


How to study THP?
The name „THP“ is still not protected by law. So any friend of animals may call himself „THP“.

A serious and responsible treatment can only be offered by a THP who had an extensive course of study.

There are special schools in Germany who teach all of the necessary subjects such as anatomy, pathology, natural-treatments and homoeopathy. It is necessary to be taught in the homoeopathic method of diagnosis and treatments. The study to become a THP lasts about 18 month and one has to finish it with an examination to get a diploma which allows one to practice competently and ethically.


How to find a serious THP?

Please contact :  and use the link to "Kooperation"


They will tell you where you can find a THP in your area.